Blue Equine Designs

Custom Horsehair Jewelry & Accessories...

using your own horse hair.


I will be making updates to the website through the month of June.  The site will remain functional and all items shown will still be available for order.

BOOKMARKS now available!

If you don't have a horse, I can use "stock hair" from my own horses, just view the "how to order" page for details.



Custom Gallery

 Mouse over the images for a description or click the thumbnails for a larger view.

How it all started...

I started making these items for myself because I couldn't find anyone who was willing to customize to the level I wanted.  Other people all wanted to charge $200 and up for a basic bracelet with a big, chunky braid.  So many people liked my designs and told me they had wanted one for years but couldn't or wouldn't pay the price tag others were asking.  I love my horses just like everyone else, so I didn't think it was right for people not to be able to create something special from their own horses.  My goal is to make keepsakes that are affordable and customize-able to everyone without sacrificing quality of materials and workmanship.  All silver is solid silver, I do not use silver plated metal.  I have styled everything with a classic, feminine and refined finished product in mind.  The designs are uniquely my own.

Don't see what you want in the online store?  Email me with your request to further customize or with a new product suggestion!

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